"Wagonette Kit"


Hi Bob!
At long last we are driving our wagonette kit that we purchased from you and built in the spring. This is our two year old walker/percheron cross – Paladin – getting some drive time in last weekend. The wagon has been ready for months but we wanted the horse to get a little older and put on some weight before we started driving the wagon – the summer I just did ground driving with him when I could get the chance…..Our longest drive was last week – about 7 miles which took a few hours of course – which was a long time for a 2 yr old to focus but he did great. We are very pleased with the wagon and it is quite eye catching as several people stopped to get a photo of us.

Thanks again for a great wagon!!!!

Jackie & Frank Rudolph
2590 Stillwater Rd
Lowville NY 13367
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Photos By Jeremy Graves
"Preserve Your Memories For Future Generations"
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Email: jeremy@jeremygraves.com
Watertown, New York 13601-6416

Thought you might like to see a photo that was on the front page of our local newspaper. During the recent Covered Bride Festival, people came to see my area's newest covered bridge, which opened this month and is the longest covered bridge in the United States. I drove my mini horses thru it for fun. One photo is of the view from inside the bridge.

Jan Sharp
Ashtabula, Ohio

Missy & John Harris
Kemmerer, Wyoming

We purchased the wagonette kit in June of 2005 after quite a bit of searching for
what we wanted and a price we could afford. My husband stained the wood and assembledthe wagon. Everything went together very smoothly.

Buggy Bob is wonderful to work with. The quality of the wagonette is amazing. The wooden shafts are beautiful. He is very professional, returns phone calls and emails promptly and he even searched to get us the least expensive shipping cost possible. We would definitely recommend Buggy Bob to anyone who was considering this type of purchase.

In the pictures are my husband, our two year old daughter and myself; along with the most essential piece of equipment, our quarter horse, Artemas. We are delivering Christmas goodies to our neighbors on Christmas Eve. This wagonette is going to be part of a lot of our daughter's favorite memories of things we did while she was growing up.

Thank you Buggy Bob!

Missy & John Harris
Kemmerer, Wyoming

We finally got around to sending a picture.
I really like the wagon. I was surprised at what a comfortable ride it is.
Janice Fraker

Raven & David Steckenrider,
Goreville, IL

Hey Bob & family...
Helloooo! I hope this finds you all doing well...Just writing to let ya know we finally got our mule hooked up to our buggy!! He did great with it... It was a beautiful sight, well of course A beautiful buggy + a beautiful mule= well Im sure you get the point..
You did such a GREAT job on the buggy, we just love it. I've attached a picture of the mule "Tucker" hooked to it. Thought you might like to see it!
Talk to you Soon!
Raven & David Steckenrider
Goreville, IL

Dave DiRado
John Deere Wagon Kit

Sue  •  Savanna Ga.
Hey Bob,
We absolutely love the wagonette. I’ve hitched Jake up a few times already, picking up neighbors along the way!
The wagonette is adorable! My family loves it! My neighbor already has me booked to give all the kids rides at her grandson’s one year birthday next month. It’s suppose to rain tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll get to hook it up then or wait till this Wed.

Thanks again, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
Sue Lefavi 

Valerie  •  Gainsville, Fla

Hey Bob!
We hooked up the buggy on Christmas Eve for some caroling- had a great time. It pulls so easy Fancy's traces were slack half the time. We made it down to Florida safely with only one scratch on the paint from a bungy; easily fixable.
I will have to order brakes from you just to keep it back when going downhill.
The entire family is thrilled! Thank you so much!!

Raven  •  Moline, Ill

Hey Bobby,
No we haven't hooked it up yet, but we can hardly wait til we do... The guy who had the mule before us is supposed to come over pretty soon to help us hook him up and all. He wasn't sure how he would behave since he has not been hooked up in quite a while. He was supposed to come a couple of weeks ago, but it snowed about 18 inches here, it was about all any of us could do just to walk in it, the mule even had a time walking. I will let you know just as soon as we get it hooked up and all! We just love it, you did a marvelous job on it!! I honestly never imagined it would be so perfect..

Thanks a million,

Love my new miniature utility rig. I have only driven one of my miniatures on it so far but I am looking forward to hooking up my team. If you are a miniature horse lover and you love to drive, I recommend you contact Bob to have him make one for you. It is light enough for one horse to pull or you can hook to a team or more! I bought mine with a set of shafts and a team pole. It is such a comfortable ride you could go all day!
Bob is a gentleman and wonderful to deal with. He will listen to your ideas and make you exactly what you are looking for.
Thanks again Bob and I will send you more pictures when I hook up the team.
Thanks Bob for taking time out of your busy schedule to build this fantastic Wagon. I never thought in my whole life I would own such a beauty. Patrick Moore
Manchester, Tennessee

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