"Llama Cart" fancy parts supplied by Buggybobs and Family 
Bob Melrose

Hi Bobby, Thank you for all your help, your sprung out undercarriage worked perfect for my little money maker.
Here's a Photo of the final product. It's a real show stopper!!!!!

Larry Webb, Nashville TN

               Thomas Eckmann, Tochigi japan

Daisy with her new pony cart from buggybobs.  At www.senbonmatsu.com tourist attraction in
Tochigi Japan where we board Daisy. Everyone really likes the cart.
On my next trip, I will make a name plate with buggybobs.com on it so everyone will know where the cart came from. 
Happy New Year. 
By the way, in Japan,  2014 is the year of the horse.

Kevin Davis, Mount Washington, Kentucky

Kevin bought our fabricated steel undercarriage and seat Irons only. 
He and his family built the black 2 seat runabout wooden body and 2 seats with upholstery.
Buggybob says WOW!!  Beautiful work Kevin !!

The Donkeys, Buggy, and I were in 8 different parades this year......front page of our local paper the "Durango Herald Times" 
Also at the Motorless carriage parade near the Mesa Verde national park in Durango Colorado.                           
Phyllis and Rusell Burwell ........2013

Hello Bob, I know it's been a while but I just wanted to send you a picture
of my Gypsy mare and her buggy.  We couldn't be happier with it
Thank you,

Samantha Nickel

Sparr Florida

New Runabout!

Bob, the weather finally cleared up and warmed up enough for me to hook Joe up to the cart. 
He LOVES it.  He is much more willing to pull this cart than my 2 wheel cart. 
He loves this cart so much that I’m selling my 2 wheel cart.  He has no trouble pulling or
turning it at a trot and he even was willing to canter with this cart. 
Thanks so much for this fantastic cart.  Everybody at the barn thinks it’s beautiful.

Georgia Davison, Perry, GA

Diane Syvertson, Flagstaff Arizona
Finished Pony size Wagonette with Fringe Top

As you can tell by the big smile on my face,
I am very happy with My new Wagonette.   
Thank you.

Ray Carlson, Blackfoot, Idaho

Sorry I've been so long in getting back to you..I really enjoy my wagonette.  We are the hit of the neighborhood. 
I would recommend your company to anyone who needs a quality built cart or wagon. 
Ray Carlson, Blackfoot, Idaho

Tom Michael, Condon, Montana

The furry kids (the 2 black Dogs) are Newfoundland’s (big loveable lap pups (the smaller one “one year old” can’t sleep unless I am holding him in the recliner) They use them as life guards, as well as haulers, before the diesel they would pull the fishing boats in on the East Coast, Lewis and Clark took a Newfoundland with them on their expedition, as well as Leif Erickson the Viking,  if you have any small animals or a child, a Newf is an automatic baby sitter, love everything and everyone, their only drawback is their wanting to be held. The Assembly went exactly like you said it would, smoothly, everything fit perfectly, did not have to force anything into place, once assembled I followed your recommendations for a sealer varnish, came out great. I have it over in Montana “almost ready to make the move permanent” and each time I take it out with one or both of the furry ones, I get allot of compliments on the cart, in fact it will be in the upcoming fourth of July parade (one of the reasons I figured I better add the brake, “for some reason (which I find unreasonable) the wife won’t walk behind it with a rope to stop it when I signal her “a stubborn Swede” Thank you once again Bob, best to you and your family

Tom Michael, Condon, Montana

A New Idea! Buggy Bobs Mini Wagons Being Used For Display Cases.

You guys are the best....and deliver more than expected.
Quality - Value - Service = Grand Slam!!!
I will be purchasing many more of your beautiful products that come with Service & Value!!!
Thanks from Old Beau.

Ronald Renfro

Brownsville, Kentucky
Bob, this is the buggy I purchased from you two years ago. Sorry I have been so long getting this photo to you. I have really enjoyed the buggy. Spending time taking my grandchildren and nephews for a ride on a nice spring or fall day has been a treat for them and for me. Thanks so much for being so helpful and for you and your family kindness. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I hope to see this photo added to your website that I still check often.

Linda and Willie Alivares from El Paso Texas
Bob I love doing business with you, you are to good to us and we really appreciate all the advice you have given us since day one,
again THANK YOU so much for all your help and support.
Willie and linda. from El Paso Texas 

Linda and Willie enjoying their new Oak Wagonette on a fall day in El Paso.
A "Buggy Bob Wagonette", pulled by a horse named "Whiskey",
parading around "El Paso Texas".

It just doesn't get any better than that!

Carl Ploeger from Valley View, Texas
A Wagonette Kit assembled and finished by Carl Ploeger
Carl called us about purchasing a wagonette kit, and said he wanted to take his time and do it up right. Well he did and these pictures are proof.
If we ever offered a prize for the best ever finished kit, Carl from Valley View, Texas would win the prize hands down.
I think Carl has some Kansas blood in him, Great job Carl.
Posted by Buggy Bob and Family

John Sapoto from Ocala Florida
& Rebel
With his new Buggy Bob Wagon

Thank you-all for the wonderful help !
The buggy pulls very easy on the hills we have here .
Here are a couple of pics. with Rebel and buggy.
Thanks again for all you did.


Janet Adams   Valleyford, Washington
Hi Bob, We had a lot of fun painting, upholstering, and re-assembling our Wagonette Kit. In the picture pulling are my two mini's Bailey a six year old Mare, and Si (also in 2nd photo) a three year old gelding. My neighbor, Matt Mitzimberg is walking along side just in case, and his wife Bobbie and three children are in the wagonette with me. I got to tell ya how everyone loves how smooth it rides.

Today I sent a link to your website to some people that really loved my wagonette. They have a Pony that they want to start driving.  Nice folks they live in Spokane.
 Thanks for all your help. Janet  




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