Shaft Kit

Solid Hickory bent shaft kit with all parts pre- bent, and pre-drilled metal easy to assemble. This is the real deal, all Amish made, steam bent Hickory, and welded steel brackets. This Horse size Shaft, is 74" long from cross bar, put together sells for $275.00
The beauty of this Shaft Kit, it can be sent out UPS You save big bucks on shipping. This is a single bent, we also have double bent ( for Vis a Vis and big Surreys ) and Pony size 60" long from cross bar. Kit comes complete with cross bar, single tree, shaft tips, and all bolts and screws
You need no special tools to assemble shaft kit.
All you need is a 1/4"
drill bit for wood, 7/16" wrench and 2 C-clamps.

$209.00 + S&H
Part # P27

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