New Orleans Hotel Touring Limo

This is our brand new "New Orleans Hotel Touring Limo".

This big guy will seat 8 to 10 adults or a bunch of kids. In today's economy folks are looking to start their own business and this is a perfect way to get started being your own boss with a low start-up cost!  This Limo is the popular cut-under style, built by Buggy Bob and Family. We have been hand crafting Carriages now for 25 years, we cut no corners with the quality of our vehicles. 
The measurements are 13 ft. long, 7 1/2 ft. tall, and 5 1/2 ft. wide. This Rig is Horse size and comes with Horse size shafts, or Draft Size shafts (buyers choice) with shiny patent leather trim. It is made of Red Oak with several coats of protective urethane. The wheels are made of Hickory and Ash, 44" on back and 40" on front with flat top rubber tires. The seats are 45" wide and 17" deep. We also added hydraulic brakes , Brass rein-rail, Brass hubcaps, and brass whip-holder. The upholstery is done up in Black Crushed Velvet and is weather resistant treated. The Surrey Top is upholstered with heavy vinyl on the top side and Black Crushed Velvet headliner with black fringe. Folks have been asking for seat material that doesn't burn their legs in hot weather.  We can not offer shipping because it is way to big, but we can talk about possible delivery to any state that touches Tennessee.  Please see our "Testimonial Page"  and read what folks are saying about service after the sale. 

Remember Buggy Bobs Carriages are built with "Quality, Elegance, and Affordability in Mind"




List Price.............  $8,000.00
Bobs sale Price.............. $6,875.00
(With Lamps)
Bobs sale Price.............. $6,400.00 (Without Lamps)


   Remember 9 out of 10 Horses surveyed prefer pulling Buggy Bobs Carriages