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 Life is Better in a Buggy!

This our Life is better in a Buggy Campaign.   Only this is a Big Wagon, made from Solid Red Oak.  The 2 back seats are around 55" wide, and the front is 44" The overall length of the wagon is just under 10 feet long, 117" long. It also has the wide tract axles for sharper turns.  We also added Brakes, rein tie off, and 2 drink cup-holders if buyer wants. It is also equipped with the heavy duty 3 spring running gear.  The  wheels have the larger spokes and rims, not the little skinny spokes and rims. They are made from Hickory and Ashe, (Amish Made)  44" on back and 40" on front,  with the premium flat top rubber tires.  This Rig comes with Horse size shafts or Draft size. Also a 14.2 Cob size can pull this Rig all over. This is an 8 to 10 passenger , or a BUNCH of Kids.  The last one we built like this, they bought it to start a Wagon rides Business. Our Wagonettes are perfect for making really big bucks. Only if you love to be around Horses and Wagons.  All kinds of Country Stores and Convenience Stores, Bar-B-Que places.  City Folk will always remember the thrill of their first Wagon ride.  NOTE; This Wagon is to large to ship, buyer needs to pick it up here at our shop.  We do from time to time have a guy that will deliver with a predetermined fee.  

Remember 9 out of 10 Horses surveyed prefer pulling Buggy Bobs Carriages.



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