This beautiful Vis-A-Vis done up in shiny black paint with wine colored upholstery and gold pin-striping. It is Horse or Draft size,  all shaft sizes are available here in our shop, buyers choice. We added Brakes, cup-holder, and Premium Brass Carriage Lamps(12 volt system) and a Fringe Canopy Top. The pictures are bad taken inside on a rainy day. Note: some of the pictures have stained wheels and some have black wheels, again buyers choice. This Rig will seat as many passengers as the expensive $6000.00 and $7000.00 Rigs that I've seen on the Internet. This Rig is priced at $5,650.00 here in our shop. Please email any questions or for more pictures. The overall length is 142 inches, almost 12 feet, and width is 70 inches. (extra wide track axles)  This is a great Carriage to make money doing Birthday Parties, weddings, or any function.

Buggy Bob's Carriages are Built with Quality, Elegance, and Affordability in mind!!!!

MSRP $5,650.00
Buggy Bobs Price $5,250.00










BuggyBob Price: $5,250.00


Rubber Tired, Wood Spoke Wheels

Carriage Lamps
Cup Holder

Optional Equipment Available
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Carriages are Built with Quality, Elegance, and Affordability in mind!!
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