Detachable 10 Passenger Party Rig





This is our brand new very popular Cut-Under style 10 passenger Party Rig. Great for starting a business for Birthday parties, Country Stores giving rides or just about any function you can think of. A customer down in Georgia bought one last Month and said he made a thousand dollars in 4 hours in a shopping center down there.  He said the lines just kept getting longer with kids and their Mothers wanting to go for a ride. He said he charges $5.00 for each kid and ride. There are many ways to make big bucks with this Rig. And Hey,  you dont have to worry about $4.00 a gallon gas to run your business.  This rig will work with a team of 38 inch minis, a single Pony or team, a large Cob Pony, or small horse around 14.2 tall.
The beauty of this Rig is,  it's detachable, pull the pin (as shown in photo) and leave the back section at home when you want. It is made very sturdy and stout, and is light weight and will last for years. Folks love it when we demonstrate pushing it around in our shop with one finger. It pulls easy and has 6 springs for a guaranteed super smooth ride.   The seats are around 40 inches wide and 16 inches deep. There is also a spot under the seat for a large cooler. We also added brakes and I noticed we didn't attach our rein tie off and cup-holder, but they are on there now. The buggy wheels are rated 300 pounds each and have maintenance free bearings. I cant say enough about this unit, it was designed here at our shop and it is one of a kind. If you have any questions please call me direct at 931-685-1021   
Just send us your zip code and we will calculate cost. Remember a business address or picked up from the dock in buyers area is a lot cheaper.  It will have to go out on 2,  6 foot pallets.  Buggy Bobs Carriages are made with Zero Air Pollution and are the new World trend for Sunday driving. Just leave that big SUV at home and have some fun for a change  !!!!!!!!!!


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