Mini 2 Seat Utility Cut-Under
Street & Trail Rig

This is a really cool street or Trail rig. It is designed for mini, a mini team, pony , a pony team, and also wether goats. We recently re-designed it with heavier springs, added more wood and a storage or large cooler spot under the back seat for those long drives, and we also added a 2 drink cup-holder since we took the photos. The seats are 40" wide and 15" deep with plenty of leg room for a very comfortable ride. The wheels are equipped with tubeless 16" tires for off road and trails. note: If interested please email about other wheel options. This beauty also comes with Hickory Shafts (not pictured) any size, buyers choice. Buggy Bobs Carriages are built with Quality, Elegance, and Affordability in mind.

Made in Tennessee USA!! MSRP $2450.00

BuggyBob Price: $1,895.00


Rubber Tired Wheels

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Carriages are Built with Quality, Elegance, and Affordability in mind!!
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