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Traditional Style Carriages

Every buggy, wagon or carriage has a personal touch.  All are constructed of high quality materials and are built one at a time so we can focus complete attention to the details. They do not leave the shop without passing our very critical inspection. 

We pride ourselves on the highest quality products and repeat business.

The running gears are constructed of solid bent steel axles and the wheels are made from ashe and hickory wood with round rubber tires. The bodies are either poplar or fiberglass depending on the style of wagon or carriage. We offer a 5 year warranty on all metal parts.

"All of these carriages can be built to order with your favorite colors of paint and upholstery."
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3 Seat Vis-A-Vis

 New Orleans
Hotel Touring Limo


Lady Phaeton



8 Passenger Wagon



White Surrey







9 of 10 Horses surveyed prefer to pull Carriages built by Buggy Bob.