Spruce Cup Holder



This Item is for the buggy man or lady that gets thirsty, and needs a place for their can of soda, or their Budweiser. We have 2 in our buggy, my cell phone fits great in the holder. You can go to wal-mart and buy a plastic cup holder, but where you going to get a hand made wooden (Spruce) cup holder?
Its 14" wide and 6" high, beautifuly professionally made. Mounts easley on dash, or on inside of the body. What a great Christmas gift!!!!!! note: This price is for raw wood sanded [gallery photo] second photo shows spar-urethane, and third photo shows stain and urethane. for stain, and or urethane add $5.00. Paint any color add $10.00. We stain in provincial, walnut, and golden oak.

$21.00 ea + S&H
Accessory # A19

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